Working with me 


All plans include

  • personalized nutrition planning

  • supplement recommendations

  • weekly visits or telehealth calls. 




Designed for anyone needing support with

  • Fat loss
  • Elimination diets and food allergy recognition
  • Metabolic health
  • Adrenal and thyroid support
  • Total gut reset to rebalance gut health
  • Detox and liver health program

Complete Nutrition Program


6: 45 min sessions — A personalized program that is created based on your needs to help you optimize your health, and to teach you how to make lasting changes

The first visit includes an health history intake, a week long food diary review and assessment of current goals.

You will receive meal prep templates, a personalized program to guide you, unlimited email access for questions along the way and 5 follow up visits for goal reassessment. 

Basic Nutrition Package 


2: 45 min session — A package designed for those that need a nutritionist sounding board, and like to do independent study.  

The first visit includes an health history intake, a week long food diary review and assessment of current goals. 

The second visit is a follow up to assess any gaps in your current plan, and try to create a path for you to guide your own nutrition progress. 

Elimination Diet GUIDANCE 


This program includes a 30 day reset and support getting started on an elimination diet. Let me show you how fun it can be to take control of your health with an elimination diet. 

Elimination diets can help reset your body from a variety of ailments.  Using a paleo focused approach we will eliminate and reintroduce foods in a way that helps optimize wellness. 

*This plan can be adjusted for the breastfeeding mom, to help support mom and baby during the elimination phases. 

Reproductive Health Plan 


4 visits  — Whether you are at the beginning of your reproductive journey or you are heading into your postpartum period this plan will give you the personalized nutrition care you need. 

This plan includes a personalized nutrition plan, with a focus on nutrient dense foods to maximize overall reproductive health. You will learn how to take a food focused approach to hormonal health and wellness no matter what phase of life you are in. 

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